The 100 Season 5: A Closer Look

We have been too excited for this season’s come back especially this shocking six-year time jump! So I will not drag, let’s check out everything we know about The 100 Season 5 so far and we are thanking CW for making it possible to continue this tv series and for producing a great movie to watch.

We can expect our favorites here to be reunited. We’re starting off the season with all our fave characters cut off from each other as Bellamy, Raven, Murphy, Monty, Harper, Emori, and Echo still trapped on the rocket, and Octavia, Abby, Kane, and Indra are trapped in the bunker. But we know this is not going to last forever! We’ve seen photos from the set that Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia are back together again. And guess what, we can clearly tell that they will be rocking on some chic new looks when they resurface altogether, though we do not know which episode it will happen yet.

So we’re expecting new prisoners on the way. We can remember that there was this ship approaching Clarke in the final moments of Season 4, and it’s a prison ship owned by the Eligius Corporation, a mining company from before the first nuclear apocalypse. You read it right. Before the apocalypse.

On board the Gagarin prison transport shift are people from our own time who are put in a cryogenic sleep for the past 100 years. Most of them are prisoners although not like the innocent juvenile delinquents the Hundred were when they first landed. These are really some bad asses onboard. We’re expecting major clashes between them and our heroes.
Now Clarke, having a child of her own, will not only shift her priorities, but will make her more grateful of all the things her own mom Abby did to protect her. She will do the same with her newly adopted daughter, Madi. We’re expecting an improved relationship from Clarke and Abby here upon reuniting.

And let’s talk about villains here! William Miller is playing Robert McCreary, a mysterious former inforcer for a crime syndicate, one of the villains for this season. What we know so far is he can be mostly ruthless, but Octavia can surely take him down if need be, right?
Ivana Milicevic will also play Charmaine Diyoza, a former military strategist with very useful and helpful skills the moment she lands on Earth.

Another exciting happening we’re looking forward to is the new war in the oven. Remember the first trailer of season 5? There we learn that the valley where Clarke and Madi had been living peacefully is the only valley on Earth that can support life. The arrival of the Eligius prisoners disturbs the peaceful life of Clarke and Madi as they are so ready to go to war over this fertile land. Octavia for sure and her people will not hesitate to fight for the valley once they get out of the bunker. This may look a little tense and tight since a second ship carrying an entire army is arriving and helping back up Charmaine and her team.

Every new season always introduces new faces. New faces in the new prison ship coming are Vinson (Mike Dopoud), a serial killer, and Zeke Shaw (Jordan Bolger), who is non-murdery or at least friendly, who’s willing to explore the universe. And oh, we’ve known that a little romance is sprouting between one of our heroes and a ship member, we’re betting on Zeke and Raven! What you think?

We’re also expecting Echo and Bellamy’s friendship stepping to the next level now! After six years, why not? They always have the sparks, according to creator Jason Rothenberg.

Since this season is jumping six years ahead and you can get info on this site , we’re expecting lots of flashback scenes here. Rothenberg assures us that “we’ll see the key moments” that went down during the intervening years.

Although Rothenberg has not confirmed whether Bellamy and Clarke would also step up to a romantic relationship this season, he did tell the fans that they should expect lots of Bellarke goodness. “They’re really the heart of the show on some level. It’s been their story since the beginning and it’s their story today,” Rothernberg said.
We’ve already got a taste of the two episodes (Eden and Red Queen) and new opening credits were presented to us on the premiere, of course with a complete peep of the recent apocalypse that overcome Earth.

Make sure to tune in to CW for the third episode on Tuesday! We’re so up to what’s gonna happen on the episode 3’s Sleeping Giants.

Upcoming Date Release of the 100 Season 5 and its Episodes

The 100Season 5Episodes
S05 E05 · Shifting Sands
22 May 2018
S05 E04 · Pandora’s Box
15 May 2018
S05 E03 · Sleeping Giants
8 May 2018
S05 E02 · Red Queen
1 May 2018

The 100 Season 5 Behind The Scenes

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Rampage 2018 Great Plot

Taming wildlife creatures is not impossible. In fact, we can build a good relationship with them. However, there is a setback to that, especially when animal behaviors are affected by the environment or by the chemical factors. So this is what we are going to experience in the movie Rampage 2018. Dwayne Johnson plays the role of an expert primatologist Davis Okoye, who wants to be with animals instead of humans. It happens that he was looking after a rare Gorilla named George and developed a strong bond with it. Nonetheless one night, George was exposed to some kind of unknown chemicals which leads to the change of its behavior. Furthermore George’s size has dramatically changed and he has grown into a huge Gorilla almost like the son of King-Kong.

Davis Okoye is determined to help his friend George to cure its problem with the help of a genetic engineer before the government would find out that George is not the only wild creature infected by the chemicals since there are as well crocodile and a wolf. And so the thing that they expect has come and the government find out that George must be contained, nonetheless things get worst when the Gorilla demonstrate some aggression and in a rage behavior. The movie shows that a chemical can change the behavior of any animal and that is where the problem started. Of course, when the Gorilla gets out of the cage, the city has become the playground for animal rage and doing some rampage. We don’t really know what is going on in the mind of George, one thing is certain that this Gorilla is almost as a big a three storey building and wrecking damage in the city of Chicago.

The movie shows some action, especially when George and the military are fighting, George’s brute force against military weapons and missiles. The movie will be great on the screen, considering that the movie will have its own twists with regards to action and sci-fi kind genre. Fans are hoping that these three beasts will have to face off each other, Gorilla versus, Crocodile versus wolf. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that they won’t fight but would do some great damage on the city. The movie brings back our memories when we watch Godzilla and Croc movies.

We have been exposed to movies which features giant animals like Gorilla, Sharks, the popular myth Godzilla, aside from the introduction of Giant Robots like the Transformers, Pacific Rim giant alien monsters and giant Mech, we can be certain that this movie will have its own style and action.

Dwayne Johnson is very well-known about his style as an actor who has the sense of humor on his movies, aside from being a bad ass action stars. We will be seeing him on the screen with different character I think, just like what he has done on San Andreas a natural disaster movie rampage film streaming, will be like the movie Godzilla or Pacific Rim as you view the teaser but when you look at it in the actual viewing, you will discover something very different about this movie. That is how this movie will be different from any movies that show giants and monsters. Although we can as well predict the outcome of the movie and I think there is no cure for the animals that have been infected by the chemicals. Nonetheless, you may as well think right now that this movie is like King Kong- Skull Island, but this certainly not that way because King Kong was in its territory protecting the native people but with Rampage, George must be stopped by all means. So guys are you excited for some great wildlife creature to invade the city? Then have fun with Rampage 2018.

The Concept Gaston Lagaffe In Real Movie

Gaston Lagaffe prior to its incoming movie on the screen was translated into English comic. Although currently the comic character still on the process of translating to English version. Nonetheless as we wait for the coming of comic and cartoon English version we can get to view Gaston Lagaffe on the screen this April. Naturally it is just normal for Gaston Lagaffe to act as very clumsy individual, although he is known to be very good at doing things like invention, introducing solutions to his colleague and many other things.

We don’t know the real why he was able to get a job at the office where he works but when do his job anything goes into chaos. This kind of idea was not just having him in the office; nonetheless let us just say that they have to put him there because they want him to be a cartoon character that would make fun of the viewers. The idea about this cartoon is to give laughter to audience in whatever situation the maker has think just to make people laugh and now it turn out to be in real cinema and while it has some kind of plot, you cannot really understand why Gaston has to stay there with regards to ethics and performance. As you can see that director of the movie must need to follow the plot of their comic. Now with regards to following this implies that whatever the character Gaston has shown in the comics and cartoons.

So the idea is putting cartoon concept to the real movie and to put it simply the plot and the consequence of every action in cartoon will be seen in the real movie. That is why we can see Gaston Lagaffe who is doing some strange action in the movie even if those acting have no sense at all. I think that the movie is following a plot but still that goofy cartoonish idea is stick to it. For instance there was a time that Gaston’s boss was just doing his normal mumbling and suddenly a bird just poop over his head, this idea is very cartoonish style.

There is also one scene that a rain is just pour over the head of his boss and to judge this kind of scenario, this is really very cartoon concept. So if you are a follower of the Gaston Lagaffe you can expect that this thing will always be present in the movie. Considering that the movie is in cartoon style you will be anticipating that there will be scene in the movie which is not normal compared to the real life of a person. Nonetheless because this is a movie that really following the in-print of the cartoon you can see plot that really looks like in the cartoon. Although there are many times those the idea is full comedy scene and they get the concept of funny scene by just doing some act of conversation along with any props.

Now for the obvious cartoonish style or idea is visible when Gaston sleep inside the cabinet while hanging in the door or even sleeping in the room hanging in a blanket tied to a wall. On the other it seems this guy has no care what people thinks about him they way he thinks, moves and act. He is a walking happy go lucky individual who just want to do anything. Nonetheless he has a brilliant mind, for instance in the cartoon shows, his boss is walking in a rainy and cold day and while he is sneezing, Gaston came along and selling a backpack which will help travelers and commuters as they walk on the different weather. His high-tech backpack can provide sunny weather during rainy season and during hot climate it can produce cool feeling to those who use it. Although it is only available in the area where the backpack is.

So you cannot just imagine what this movie would bring if the concept is all comes from cartoon idea. Now for the trailer you can see Gaston has turn the door of their toiler into some kind of entrance by which you just have to step on and the door will just fall to the floor and you cannot just imagine the chaos it will bring in case you want to get in or you want to go outside of the comfort room. We don’t really know why Gaston Lagaffe has change the door to weird opening. I’m sure; there is a reason why they have put that scene there. Of course you just have to watch full movie to know what is really Gaston Lagaffe wants to show us in that scene.

Furthermore there are scene in the trailer by which we cannot really get even by now because the trailer is cut short, but you can get plenty of hint that the movie is not far from the concept of the plot of the original cartoon and comics. Actually every time you watch this trailer, you can also imagine Scooby Doo movie by which their real movie are derive from their cartoon and so even the Scooby which is the dog who can talk even if the movie is in real movie. Same also with Gaston Lagaffe who works in the office to give viewers joy while Scooby Doo cartoons who always stumble on mysterious crimes and solve it a very funny way.

So what are you waiting for, if you are a fan of Gaston Lagaffe let us see him this April 4 for your entertainment and film viewing. Check out now Gaston Lagaffe streaming for your streaming online.

You can also check out here the trailer of this movie

You can check the author of this movie here “”

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World 2015 was a huge success compared to the past Jurassic world. I guess this is because of the influence of technology and new concept. The truth is the Jurassic World is really a wonderful movie as Chris Patt and other actor and actresses play their role.

This time around Jurassic World 2015 has been a tourist destination and those ancient animals are really great in their looks. The giant crocodile that lives in the water. The triceratops, big foot and long necks herbivorous and omnivorous along with the carnivorous. Nonetheless but the wonderful thing about the movie is the introduction of genetic enhancement of the species of the dinosaur. They call it a hybrid dinosaur which has the power to camouflage his body and very fast to move and very intelligent but as we all know that the Jurassic Park was destroy and the owner of the Park must decide to close it because it create some damage to the public especially killing masses of the people.

Nonetheless Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom is a continuation of Jurassic World 2015 and this time around the dinosaurs need saving. And so the Chris Patt (Owen) return after ask by a former colleague (Claire) to do another task and to retrieve the Dinosaur. Together with the businessmen the owner of the park was called by NGO whether they have to let the dinosaur die in the island considering that the place where the dinosaur resides will be destroyed because there is a volcano in the bottom of the mountain.

Nonetheless it was decided that they need to transport dinosaurs to safety outside the Island. Nonetheless as they retrieve the dinosaur the thriller and suspense are ever present. It’s another blockbuster movie we can anticipate this 2018 and surely it’s another hide and seek story predator and preying a man. Saving the dinosaur but they have to very careful to survive. If the Jurassic World 2015 is great you can expect that Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom streaming vf hd will be more wonderful to watch in theater.

Deadpool 2 Review

It seems that there are many Marvel comic characters who will be featured in your favorite theater. This goes to shows that people really love the Marvel Comic Universe. If you want more about the immortal and very funny Deadpool, you can expect that this year is gonna be the year where you will have a huge laugh and fun with our favorite Dead pool for the second time. Deadpool will be back along with Cable who will be joining with Deadpool and Colossus and few X-men.

Of course the teaser does not really feature what will happen in the movie of Deadpool 2. Considering that the trailer is all nonsense but as you see Deadpool, every time he opens his mouth he will have always that kind of monologue and you cannot just stop watching him. Thanks to the good active of Ryan Reynolds,

By the way after Deadpool stop talking, cable came in another scene and showing his talent and mutant powers along with his cyborg body beating up cops, while Deadpool is punching some people. Of course you can as well show some action in the trailer. We don’t really know if Deadpool and Cable are enemies but one thing for sure that they will fight but I’m sure this going to be a good Marvel movies after Avengers: Infinity War. We could hope that Deadpool can join with the Avengers but he has his own style and mission I should say. As we all know that Deadpool has his own way of dealing Thanos. In fact there was a time that Thanos cursed Deadpool with immortality, considering that they are rival to win the heart of Lady Death. We don’t really know why Cable is coming from the future but this is gonna be a very wonderful movie for every one of us. By the way if you think, that the movie show only mutant versus the humans, think again where is the great to action to that. You can anticipate this movie that there will be other tough powerful mutant which Deadpool and Cable must deal with. But the good news is that this two will have a great day for us.

If you enjoy Deadpool 1, then this is very sure that Deadpool 2 will really give you another action and fictional on our theater for our great entertainment. This May 18 bookmark this website to get the best idea and updates for the upcoming movie of Deadpool 2.

Avengers: Infinity War 2018

If you are fan of MCU and super heroes and has been following marvel movies like Avengers all sequel and Thor, Guardians of The Galaxy and may others. We thought that Avengers who has saved the day from the invasion of evil from Ultron and from the monster who are attacking Earth lead by Loki. Now Avengers: Infinity War is called to fight very god-like titans named Thanos.

If you are a marvel cartoon universe fan then you should know what Thanos is not just an easy villain. In fact he is almost perfect villain that will kick ass. Avengers: Infinity this year will be seen in your theater, all popular groups of heroes from universe to Earth will have to face a titan who is very powerful and can travel quickly wherever he wants and whenever he wants.

It would take Spider Man, Iron Man, Thor, Star Lord, Dr. Strange etc to face this powerful titan to save the Earth. Of course you will not forget to expect Black Panther, Captain America and Winter Soldier to work together and Falcon to fight Thano’s monsters. While the movies feature some great humor especially the conversation of Star Lord and Iron Man who would do a great plan to stop Thanos.

It was Gamora who introduce Thanos to Tony Stark by talking to him, that if they will get all the infinity stone they can destroy the Earth with just a snap of his finger. This is one of the best Marvel movies you can ever imagine, this is expected that there will be more Marvel comic fans will rush on the theater when it will have a premier night.

Thanos was seen as well when facing Iron Man and he punch him and knock out Iron Man and while Spider Man was evacuating people from the presence of Thanos who is bringing monster and this is gonna be very awesome. It will take luck and all strategies and to beat up Thanos. They should stop him at will because if Thanos can get those infinity stones. Surely they will have big trouble in stopping him. I can’t believe Captain America stop Thanos but I don’t know if he survive. One thing is certain about this movie this is gonna be awesome.

Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) What do you Have to know ?

Okay we are having fun with the movie Pacific Rim. A fictional movie which shows Earth is not alone but was visited with alien race that are residing in the bottom of the Pacific and watching over the activities of the people of Earth and learn from them. And then one day alien giant monster attack the big ships in the sea and different places and so the government of the Earth has done some measurement to counter the alien invasion which was long planned. Together with the brilliant minds and inventor and engineer work together to face off the giants monster who are wrecking havoc on the people of the Earth.

Nonetheless once again after they have the base of the alien race in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, using their mechanical giant’s robots they have defeated the enemy. Thanks to the well trained soldiers who passed the training and was piloting giant mech robots. And we thought that was over but this 2018 Pacific Grim Uprising will be seen in your theater. A movie sequel of the Pacific Rim which we can enjoy this season. This time around the aliens are back and they are ready to kick butt on the Earth. As usual there will be more building collapsing, destroy and death on Earth considering that their enemies has gotten stronger and has evolve after learning more on Earth’s weakness and strength.

And so the battle continues in the Pacific Rim Uprising using the same pilot and soldiers who are working together to fight another treat of the humanity. In the second sequel of the movie the son of Stacker Pentecost must carry his father’s legacy to fight monster. While on the trailer Stacker’s son won’t respond to the call and live a life of a party goer while being warned by a female pilot that the kaiju will be back and so the battle and piloting a Giant Mech to make our day is here. The government this time around who are sensing that the monster are back have call forth the cadets ready to face off some giant monster who will destroy the city if they won’t be stop.

The movie shown in the trailer that one of the soldiers in the past was mention who is responsible for allowing the aliens to come back to Earth and wreck havoc. Now the two soldiers who are fighting together the same mech must face off giants monster and the traitor to make our day great. So are you ready for some monster and mech action? Watch now Pacific Rim Uprising.


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