Deadpool 2 Review

It seems that there are many Marvel comic characters who will be featured in your favorite theater. This goes to shows that people really love the Marvel Comic Universe. If you want more about the immortal and very funny Deadpool, you can expect that this year is gonna be the year where you will have a huge laugh and fun with our favorite Dead pool for the second time. Deadpool will be back along with Cable who will be joining with Deadpool and Colossus and few X-men.

Of course the teaser does not really feature what will happen in the movie of Deadpool 2. Considering that the trailer is all nonsense but as you see Deadpool, every time he opens his mouth he will have always that kind of monologue and you cannot just stop watching him. Thanks to the good active of Ryan Reynolds,

By the way after Deadpool stop talking, cable came in another scene and showing his talent and mutant powers along with his cyborg body beating up cops, while Deadpool is punching some people. Of course you can as well show some action in the trailer. We don’t really know if Deadpool and Cable are enemies but one thing for sure that they will fight but I’m sure this going to be a good Marvel movies after Avengers: Infinity War. We could hope that Deadpool can join with the Avengers but he has his own style and mission I should say. As we all know that Deadpool has his own way of dealing Thanos. In fact there was a time that Thanos cursed Deadpool with immortality, considering that they are rival to win the heart of Lady Death. We don’t really know why Cable is coming from the future but this is gonna be a very wonderful movie for every one of us. By the way if you think, that the movie show only mutant versus the humans, think again where is the great to action to that. You can anticipate this movie that there will be other tough powerful mutant which Deadpool and Cable must deal with. But the good news is that this two will have a great day for us.

If you enjoy Deadpool 1, then this is very sure that Deadpool 2 will really give you another action and fictional on our theater for our great entertainment. This May 18 bookmark this website to get the best idea and updates for the upcoming movie of Deadpool 2.

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