Rampage 2018 Great Plot

Taming wildlife creatures is not impossible. In fact, we can build a good relationship with them. However, there is a setback to that, especially when animal behaviors are affected by the environment or by the chemical factors. So this is what we are going to experience in the movie Rampage 2018. Dwayne Johnson plays the role of an expert primatologist Davis Okoye, who wants to be with animals instead of humans. It happens that he was looking after a rare Gorilla named George and developed a strong bond with it. Nonetheless one night, George was exposed to some kind of unknown chemicals which leads to the change of its behavior. Furthermore George’s size has dramatically changed and he has grown into a huge Gorilla almost like the son of King-Kong.

Davis Okoye is determined to help his friend George to cure its problem with the help of a genetic engineer before the government would find out that George is not the only wild creature infected by the chemicals since there are as well crocodile and a wolf. And so the thing that they expect has come and the government find out that George must be contained, nonetheless things get worst when the Gorilla demonstrate some aggression and in a rage behavior. The movie shows that a chemical can change the behavior of any animal and that is where the problem started. Of course, when the Gorilla gets out of the cage, the city has become the playground for animal rage and doing some rampage. We don’t really know what is going on in the mind of George, one thing is certain that this Gorilla is almost as a big a three storey building and wrecking damage in the city of Chicago.

The movie shows some action, especially when George and the military are fighting, George’s brute force against military weapons and missiles. The movie will be great on the screen, considering that the movie will have its own twists with regards to action and sci-fi kind genre. Fans are hoping that these three beasts will have to face off each other, Gorilla versus, Crocodile versus wolf. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that they won’t fight but would do some great damage on the city. The movie brings back our memories when we watch Godzilla and Croc movies.

We have been exposed to movies which features giant animals like Gorilla, Sharks, the popular myth Godzilla, aside from the introduction of Giant Robots like the Transformers, Pacific Rim giant alien monsters and giant Mech, we can be certain that this movie will have its own style and action.

Dwayne Johnson is very well-known about his style as an actor who has the sense of humor on his movies, aside from being a bad ass action stars. We will be seeing him on the screen with different character I think, just like what he has done on San Andreas a natural disaster movie rampage film streaming, will be like the movie Godzilla or Pacific Rim as you view the teaser but when you look at it in the actual viewing, you will discover something very different about this movie. That is how this movie will be different from any movies that show giants and monsters. Although we can as well predict the outcome of the movie and I think there is no cure for the animals that have been infected by the chemicals. Nonetheless, you may as well think right now that this movie is like King Kong- Skull Island, but this certainly not that way because King Kong was in its territory protecting the native people but with Rampage, George must be stopped by all means. So guys are you excited for some great wildlife creature to invade the city? Then have fun with Rampage 2018.