Rampage Review: See Some Animal Action

The Rock is back for some new adventure and action on a movie titled Rampage. The movie trailer features an expert in primates or so called Primatologist David Okoye who are not good at socialization or keep himself from people and choose to have a close bond with a very intelligent Gorilla named George. David Okoye was trained to communicate George and teach as well George to communicate David his friend. The main character of the movie feature Dwayne Johnson and we will be seeing his natural acting in the television.

The movie plot shows that a huge Gorilla tamed by David Okoye, one day was scared after it touch some kind of metal box contain with radiation which affect the animals height and character. At first Okoye seems to notice that there is something with the Gorilla and to Okoye’s surprise the Gorilla has increase in length and so he calls for some help from the expert of understanding genetic materials and science and so they need to quarantine George for observation.

As George gorilla was quarantine it shows some unpredictable behaviors and become very aggressive to which Okoye worry about it. On the other hand there are also other animals that have been affected by the genetic enhancement chemical. I think this chemical was done on purpose to test their chemical and so a wolf and a crocodile will do some rampage in the city. Science experiment fall from the sky and having a gorilla on a plane is a big mistake and so the George who is now on attack mode has escape from the cage inside the plane and begin to attack people wreck havoc. This is really a wonderful movie and you can see great action in this movie. There are great movie start who are working together to make this movie very awesome for the viewers.

On April 20 we will be seeing new Gorilla and other vicious animals that will do some damage to the City and David Okoye together with his friend will save the world and for George we don’t know yet what will happen. But today let us just wait for the coming of Rampage in your theater near you. This is the battle for life. Wolf and Gorilla and there are huge what could happen next? This is a badass movie this year for Dwayne Johnson.

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