The 100 Season 5: A Closer Look

We have been too excited for this season’s come back especially this shocking six-year time jump! So I will not drag, let’s check out everything we know about The 100 Season 5 so far and we are thanking CW for making it possible to continue this tv series and for producing a great movie to watch.

We can expect our favorites here to be reunited. We’re starting off the season with all our fave characters cut off from each other as Bellamy, Raven, Murphy, Monty, Harper, Emori, and Echo still trapped on the rocket, and Octavia, Abby, Kane, and Indra are trapped in the bunker. But we know this is not going to last forever! We’ve seen photos from the set that Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia are back together again. And guess what, we can clearly tell that they will be rocking on some chic new looks when they resurface altogether, though we do not know which episode it will happen yet.

So we’re expecting new prisoners on the way. We can remember that there was this ship approaching Clarke in the final moments of Season 4, and it’s a prison ship owned by the Eligius Corporation, a mining company from before the first nuclear apocalypse. You read it right. Before the apocalypse.

On board the Gagarin prison transport shift are people from our own time who are put in a cryogenic sleep for the past 100 years. Most of them are prisoners although not like the innocent juvenile delinquents the Hundred were when they first landed. These are really some bad asses onboard. We’re expecting major clashes between them and our heroes.
Now Clarke, having a child of her own, will not only shift her priorities, but will make her more grateful of all the things her own mom Abby did to protect her. She will do the same with her newly adopted daughter, Madi. We’re expecting an improved relationship from Clarke and Abby here upon reuniting.

And let’s talk about villains here! William Miller is playing Robert McCreary, a mysterious former inforcer for a crime syndicate, one of the villains for this season. What we know so far is he can be mostly ruthless, but Octavia can surely take him down if need be, right?
Ivana Milicevic will also play Charmaine Diyoza, a former military strategist with very useful and helpful skills the moment she lands on Earth.

Another exciting happening we’re looking forward to is the new war in the oven. Remember the first trailer of season 5? There we learn that the valley where Clarke and Madi had been living peacefully is the only valley on Earth that can support life. The arrival of the Eligius prisoners disturbs the peaceful life of Clarke and Madi as they are so ready to go to war over this fertile land. Octavia for sure and her people will not hesitate to fight for the valley once they get out of the bunker. This may look a little tense and tight since a second ship carrying an entire army is arriving and helping back up Charmaine and her team.

Every new season always introduces new faces. New faces in the new prison ship coming are Vinson (Mike Dopoud), a serial killer, and Zeke Shaw (Jordan Bolger), who is non-murdery or at least friendly, who’s willing to explore the universe. And oh, we’ve known that a little romance is sprouting between one of our heroes and a ship member, we’re betting on Zeke and Raven! What you think?

We’re also expecting Echo and Bellamy’s friendship stepping to the next level now! After six years, why not? They always have the sparks, according to creator Jason Rothenberg.

Since this season is jumping six years ahead and you can get info on this site , we’re expecting lots of flashback scenes here. Rothenberg assures us that “we’ll see the key moments” that went down during the intervening years.

Although Rothenberg has not confirmed whether Bellamy and Clarke would also step up to a romantic relationship this season, he did tell the fans that they should expect lots of Bellarke goodness. “They’re really the heart of the show on some level. It’s been their story since the beginning and it’s their story today,” Rothernberg said.
We’ve already got a taste of the two episodes (Eden and Red Queen) and new opening credits were presented to us on the premiere, of course with a complete peep of the recent apocalypse that overcome Earth.

Make sure to tune in to CW for the third episode on Tuesday! We’re so up to what’s gonna happen on the episode 3’s Sleeping Giants.

Upcoming Date Release of the 100 Season 5 and its Episodes

The 100Season 5Episodes
S05 E05 · Shifting Sands
22 May 2018
S05 E04 · Pandora’s Box
15 May 2018
S05 E03 · Sleeping Giants
8 May 2018
S05 E02 · Red Queen
1 May 2018

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