The Incredibles 2: What The Comments, Trailers, and Updates Say

After a dormant state of 14 years, we are about to see a sequel of the movie we incredibly love, The Incredibles family, The Incredibles 2. The first movie’s ending surprised us with Jack-Jack’s power and we were all in awe with his awesome power! The first movie was a big talk and we were all into it and even wondering if the sequel would now be flaunting the power of the youngest family member.

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It was one of the best superhero films ever as it involved the whole family being mutants, and they had to balance domestic life with their incredible abilities after costumed heroes are outlawed.
Pixar is not disappointing us at all, despite the 14-year gap of the sequel, the trailers released indeed show how Jack-Jack’s power is developed. Now, this family is still trying its best to balance their life. And with kids growing up, adolescence kicking in, powers discovered, we are about to see how the two incredible parents handle the kind oddity of this family compared to others.

INCREDIBLES 2 Final Trailer (2018)

Okay, so parenting. How are they balancing this in this sequel movie? First off, let’s talk about how the kids are starting to make a mess. Dash complains about vegetables at dinner while Violet has an outburst over their secret lives. And we learn that the government is welcoming superheroes back into the spotlight, which allows Elastigirl to return to help with this campaign. That means only one thing — Mr. Incredible taking care of the kids at home while the wife is at work. Can the dad be able to manage everything from the math homeworks to the containing Jack-Jack’s exhibition of his dangerous powers? We’ll see to that.

And yes, the first teaser is showing off Jack-Jack’s dangerous super powers. We get our hearts melt with Jack-Jack’s cuteness but we get so distracted and jolted from our seats when he uses his superpowers! Babies are already destructive in their non-superpowered state, but in this teaser, we see just how dangerous they can be with them.
Let’s go talk about Elastigirl again. While she’s helping for the government’s campaign, which is more being influenced by this seedy businessman in welcoming back the superheroes, she is gonna be showing off powers again, springing to action. Director Brad Bird has previously said the sequel will center on Elastigirl.
We haven’t talked about the villain of this sequel and it seems like we do not have so much information with him or her. So what do we know about this villain known as The Screen Slaver? Pixer keeps him under the roof so we have been gathering our information from all sources and we are speculating as much as we can basing on these different sources. Question, is this really the trend now for movie-makers?

Anyhow, back to the meat of the matter, it wasn’t until the most recent trailer popped up that we got our first glimpse at the villain right at the end. This character’s unveiling came at the end of the trailer with him introducing himself across the airwaves as The Screen Slaver. However, the big question is, who is this villain and what are the plans? Do the plans involve welcoming back the superheroes on the spotlight? I can actually bet with that.

So, how does the Screen Slaver acts? As the name suggests, he uses hypnotism by way of television and other assorted screens as a way of getting people to do their bidding. This is really giving me an idea of what’s going. I’m betting on this sneeky businessman though.

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